What to Expect From a Professional Cleaner

Smith’s Janitorial in Centre County in Pennsylvania provides the most thorough and trustworthy cleaning services available. Not only are we the best professional cleaning service provider in the area, but we also provide the best information about professional cleaning services. One of the most frequently asked questions is what to expect from a professional cleaner?

Depending on what type of commercial cleaning services that you need to be done, whether it be for apartments, construction sites, floors, or offices, we are transparent with what to expect. It is assuring to know that we will most definitely exceed your expectations too. Today’s reading will focus on professional office cleaning. Read more about what to expect from a professional cleaner whether it is the first time or the first time using our company.

General expectations of what our professional cleaner will provide include emptying waste receptacles, replacing liners, vacuuming all carpets and mats, sweeping and mopping hard floors, disinfecting surfaces, and dusting desks, chairs, and other furniture. We will wipe all internal glass, including glass on doors inside and out. In addition, we will spot clean the walls. We will polish wood doors and cabinets too.

We will also sanitize and clean the restrooms, restock the toiletries, hand towels, and hand soaps. For each restroom stall, we will clean out the sanitary receptacles and replace the bin liners. We will clean all mirrors, clean and sanitize all dispensers and hand dryers too. We will leave the toilets and urinals sparkly clean and sanitized too. It is important to disinfect all restroom areas to prevent the transmission of germs and infectious illnesses-you can trust, we will use only the safest, eco-friendly, and powerful products to achieve optimal cleaning services.

For offices that have a kitchen or breakroom, we will clean and sanitize all waste receptacles, wipe and restock liners, remove splash marks and spills, vacuum and mop all hard floors, wipe hand towel dispensers, polish cabinets and disinfect all high traffic appliances.

Depending on how regularly we come in to provide professional cleaning services, we will offer weekly cleaning in addition to the daily cleaning expectations listed. For example, we will spray buff all floors that are not carpet, and clean all glass inside and out. On a monthly basis, we will clean vents too. This will help with the air quality for you and your customers, clients, or patients.

If your office space requires more detailed cleaning, Smith’s Janitorial will work with you to understand the functionality of your office by completing a thorough walkthrough at your place of business and communicate with you about your expectations and our experience. Our goal is to make sure that you are able to run your business knowing that your atmosphere is clean, healthy, and fully functioning. A clean office is a happy office. Your customers, clients, or patients will feel at ease knowing that you care about their wellness and they will certainly engage more with your business if they feel comfortable.

Smith’s Janitorial will provide your business with the cleanest environment so that you can focus on your craft. We provide transparent and professional expectations so that you do not have to worry about the details of keeping your space clean. We will always communicate with you about what we do, how we do it, and the products we use. We guarantee that the cleaning service provided is crystal clear - literally.

Contact our office today to schedule a customized professional cleaning service for your commercial business today! We look forward to cleaning for you!