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Scrubbing and Buffing Floors Services

Proud to stand by the entrepreneurs of Centre County and the surrounding areas, Smith’s Janitorial offers a complete range of floor care services, including scrubbing and buffing. By keeping your floors looking their best, we increase their lifespan and boost your business’ image as a whole. We’ve been doing this for more than two decades, so our cleaning crew knows what works and what doesn’t. Choose our professional floor cleaning company for services you can trust over the long term!

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World-Class Floor Care

Your floors take a majority of your building’s wear and tear, but keeping them looking great doesn’t have to be an issue. At Smith’s Janitorial in Milesburg, we use the industry’s premier equipment and products to give your floors the TLC they need to look beautiful for years to come. We’ve worked with every flooring type out there and easily customize our local cleaning services for maximum benefits with zero damage. Consistent, dedicated, and skilled, we’re the only janitorial team you need. Contact Smith’s Janitorial today to get started!

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You know the floors in your building take a beating with all of the traffic, dirt and debris, and other daily activities that take place each day. While floors are meant to be walked on, you don’t want them to look dingy and uncared for, as this reflects on your business as a whole. With that in mind, contact Smith’s Janitorial to learn about the variety of floor cleaning services we offer.

While eventually you’ll need to do a complete floor stripping and waxing, regular cleaning services that include scrubbing and buffing will help prolong the life and appearance of your floors. Contact our Top Rated Local® commercial cleaning company today for a quote on our complete range of floor cleaning services for businesses in Centre County and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Scrubbing and Buffing

Professional scrubbing of your floors helps to remove the coat of dirt and grime that has built up from use. Additionally, it will remove the damaged finish that occurred from moving heavy objects and more. Buffing applies one or two coats of finish to create a fresh new look without completely replacing the wax coating on the floor.

Cleaning Services for all Floors

Whether your floors are tile, natural stone, wood, or a vinyl composite, we can provide the right scrubbing and buffing floor services to keep your business looking its best. Our team has the experience, expertise, and equipment to protect and care for your floors for many years. Not sure if we can care for your unique flooring material? Contact us to learn about our specialized cleaning services.

For more than two decades, Smiths’ Janitorial has served businesses in Centre County and the surrounding areas with our quality floor scrubbing and buffing services. Contact our Top Rated Local® commercial cleaning company today for a quote on the range of floor cleaning services we offer.

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Ultimately, we want to free you up to focus on growing your business while we make you look good. Carefully tending to each detail, we make your flooring a non-issue. Contact us today to get started.