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The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Smith Janitorial provides the best cleaning services in Centre County, Pennsylvania. Not only do we provide the most professional cleaning services in the area, but we also clean with the highest quality eco-friendly products to keep you healthy and safe from harsh chemicals and fumes.

Oftentimes, people think that when an environment smells like strong chemicals, it must be clean and safe. The thing is though, sometimes those harsh and strong chemicals actually mask toxic germs that manifest in spaces and can be more harmful than the dust and mites that settle in or around objects like furniture, carpets, walls, and all the nook and crannies. Smith’s Janitorial is mindful of what we clean and how we clean.

Today, we would like to share with you, how important it is to clean with eco-friendly products so that all the work to make everything shine is actually clean and safe for everyone. Our cleaning agent products are all made with natural products so that when we clean, we clean with a purpose — that purpose is to make sure that you are in the most healthy environment and will not be infested with germs and other pesky ailments that can harm you. We use natural products that are safe that can handle the same cleaning jobs as any other cleaner; however, our eco-friendly cleaning products will not cause harm to your health or to our environment.

In fact, when you choose Smith’s Janitorial, you are not only having your space professionally cleaned, you are protecting the environment from flushing harsh chemicals in the drain. Chemical-based products are dangerous and when you flush these toxic chemicals down the drain, it has to go somewhere and that somewhere is in the earth. Using natural products is better and more effective as a cleaning agent. Consider how chemical-based cleaners affect the pipes and drain too, imagine how harmful these chemicals are on your skin as well.

Using natural-based cleaning agents will protect your skin. Did you know that when and after you clean or your professional cleaner cleans with chemical cleaning products, it exposes the chemicals to your skin? Natural cleaning agents are powerful enough to cut grease and serve as a skin-softening agent. When you do your dishes, keep in mind what products you are using and make sure that the product has glycerine to have soft hands and clean dishware, countertops, tables, countertops, and appliances. Better yet, call Smith’s Janitorial to do it for you! Learn more about the benefits of natural cleaning products!

More Benefits:

  • Allergy-free- Hypo-Allergenic For Occupants Of Your Home And Business

  • Natural Cleaning Agents- No Animal Testing And Free Of Harmful Chemicals

  • Cost-Effective- Usage is Minimal Amounts Because A Little Goes A Long Way!

  • Eliminates Toxic Indoor Pollution- Helps Reduce Chemicals And Waste That Are Toxic In The Air

  • Clean And Wonderful Scents-Uses Natural Essential Oils That Provide An Aromatherapeutic Benefit That Gives A Sense of Calmness And Relaxation

  • Ingredients of Natural Products-You Can Actually Pronounce The Cleaning Ingredients! The Ingredients Are Recognizable and Safe!

When you choose Smith’s Janitorial, you are getting the best results for a clean space, whether it be your home or your business. Also, you are protecting yours and anyone else’s health and receiving the benefits of natural cleaning agents! We only use natural cleaning products when we clean top to bottom. We care about you, our environment, and what cleaning products we use. Our professional cleaners are well trained and have crafted how we clean for you! Contact us today to have a crystal clear and crystal clean professional cleaning!